2022-23 Pairs Press Links

Minerva Hase/Nikita Volodin team up and will compete for GER May 2023

Ashley Wagner condemns U.S. Figure Skating’s decision to hire Kelsey Parker Gislason, defender of John Coughlin (USA), as Senior Manager of High Performance May 2023

Kyoko Ina (USA) becomes Director of High Performance with U.S. Figure Skating May 2023

Oleg Vasiliev (RUS) discusses differences in coaching norms between Russia and the West May 2023

SafeSport under growing criticism from athletes, national sports governing bodies (NGBs), attorneys, and others May 2023

Emily Chan and Spencer Akira Howe (USA) talk about their Asian heritages May 2023

Aaron Parchem, former USA pairs medalist, now a financial consultant & member of U.S. Figure Skating Foundation Board May 2023

Knierim/Frazier (USA) will take a break after Stars on Ice tour; no decision yet whether they will return for another season May 2023

Timothy LeDuc (USA) is coaching full-time in Chicago May 2023

Chelsea Liu/Balazs Nagy (USA) partnering up??? May 2023

Barbara Kucianova/Martin Bidar (CZE) announce new partnership May 2023

Cho/Adcock (KOR) split; Adcock retiring due to back injury May 2023

Boikova/Kozlovskii (RUS) change coaches to Eteri Tutberidze May 2023 (Russian)

Boikova/Kozlovskii (RUS): “Pairs skating is becoming too boring. Everyone is doing the same content” May 2023

Hocke/Blommaert (GER) may consider country switch if funding from German federation does not increase Apr 2023

Baram/Tioumentsev (USA) reflect on winning season Apr 2023

Alisa Efimova (GER): “I want to find a team that will help me achieve success” Apr 2023

Zoe Jones/Christopher Boyadji (GBR) welcome first child together (fourth for Jones) Apr 2023

Zoe Jones (GBR): “I wanted to skate more. But the decision to retire turned out to be right” Apr 2023

Aljona Savchenko (GER) on tensions with ex-partner Massot: “I thought we had a good relationship” Apr 2023

Luka Berulava (GEO) statement about end of partnership Apr 2023

Safina/Berulava (GEO) end partnership (Safina’s statement) Apr 2023

Zoe Jones/Christopher Boyadji (GBR) welcome baby daughter together Apr 2023

Alisa Efimova (GER) comments to Russian press on breakup with Blommaert Apr 2023

Alisa Efimova (GER) shares thoughts on end of Blommaert partnership Apr 2023

Ruben Blommaert (GER) announces his retirement Mar 2023

Miura/Kihara (JPN) find the perfect chemistry together Mar 2023

Deanna Stellato-Dudek and Maxime Deschamps (CAN) bring her comeback story to Worlds Mar 2023

Aljona Savchenko (GER) and Dutch skating federation part ways Mar 2023 (Dutch)

Aljona Savchenko (GER) will return to Chemnitz, Germany to coach along with former partner Robin Szolkowy (Mar 2023) German; paywall

Sierova/Khobta (UKR) will return to junior ranks next season after competing at Worlds Mar 2023

Hocke/Kunkel (GER): “Everything between 5th and 12th place [at Worlds] is somehow realistic” Mar 2023 (German)

Worlds will be only the 5th competition together for Kam/O’Shea (USA) Mar 2023

Chan/Howe (USA) ready for Worlds (local Boston news story) Mar 2023

ISU and federations consider raising age maximums for junior pairs at next ISU Congress; exception could be granted for current teams that would age out under existing rules Mar 2023

ISU launches new pairs skating tryout camps Mar 2023

Brooke McIntosh (CAN) and sister Summer McIntosh chase their Olympic dreams together Mar 2023

Pereira/Michaud (CAN) climb rankings as new team Mar 2023

Figure skating community pitches in to help Todd Sand (USA) after heart attack Mar 2023

How Miura/Kihara (JPN) developed a strategy for success Mar 2023

Gamez/Korovin (PHI) discuss Four Continents experience Mar 2023

In 2022, Aljona Savchenko (GER) spoke of bad treatment from her early coaches: “Coaches hit me on the head with pads, gave us little food” Feb 2022

Bruno Massot says Aljona Savchenko (GER) was “a tyrant” who verbally berated him Feb 2023 (translation)

Williams/Lewer (USA) go from zero to Junior Worlds team in just 6 months Feb 2023

Pereira/Michaud (CAN): “Our personalities gelled really easily” Feb 2023

Dutch pairs Osipova/Epstein and Danilova/Tsiba (NED) continue friendly rivalry at Challenge Cup Feb 2023

Stellato-Dudek/Deschamps (CAN): “There will be a higher level of competition next season” (even with same participants) Feb 2023

Bruno Marcotte: “My ideal of a pair team is somebody that does the elements and then skates like ice dancers” Feb 2023

Beccari/Guarise (ITA): “There is a lot of potential for us as a team” Feb 2023

Efimova/Blommaert (GER) happy to win small medal at Europeans Feb 2023

Aljona Savchenko (GER) tells how war in Ukraine has affected her family Feb 2023

Alexander Korovin (PHI, former RUS) offers reaction to his performance at 4CCs Feb 2023 (Russian)

Hocke/Kunkel (GER) deal with funding issues Jan 2023

Conti/Macii (ITA) on why it took 3 years for them to get the triple twist (“The more you rush, the more you have to go back later”) Jan 2023

Ghilardi/Ambrosini (ITA): “People just see the performance, and don’t understand how much work is behind it” Jan 2023

GEO pairs tried to train in Berlin, but it did not work out due to visa issues Jan 2023

Mikhail Nazarychev (RUS) relocates to Miami following split from Artemeva Jan 2023 Other link

Smirnova/Siianytsia (USA) withdraw from U.S. Nationals due to Smirnova injury Jan 2023

Nolan Seegert (GER) retires after failing to find new partner Jan 2023

Knierim/Frazier (USA) prepare for U.S. Championships Jan 2023

TRIGGER Warning (18+ only): Link to police affidavit in Morgan Cipres (FRA) sexual abuse case Jan 2023

Ashley Cain (USA) is performing in Disney tours in the Middle East and Asia Jan 2023

Plazas/Fernandez (USA) want to see pairs skating get more attention in U.S. Jan 2023

Metelkina/Parkman (GEO) end partnership Jan 2023 (Russian)

Smirnova/Siianytsia (USA) tell how they teamed up Jan 2023

Dylan Moscovitch (CAN) shares story of the accident that ended his 2018 Olympic dream Jan 2023

Smith/Deng (USA) end partnership Jan 2023

Deanna Stellato-Dudek (CAN) has been sick for 8 weeks with viral illness Jan 2023

Robin Szolkowy talks about his work coaching Roscher/Schuster (GER) Jan 2023

Panfilova/Rylov (RUS), 2020 World junior champions, retire due to injuries Jan 2023

Miura/Kihara: We want to have season’s-best performances at Worlds in Saitama Jan 2023

Smith/Deng enjoyed competing on Junior Grand Prix this season Jan 2023

Stellato-Dudek/Deschamps (CAN) talk about pros/cons of competing as older athletes Dec 2022

Proft/Nadeau (CAN) are partners on and off the ice Dec 2022

Proft/Nadeau (CAN) take up “extreme sport” of pairs skating after end of singles careers Dec 2022

Zhukova/Bidar end partnership Dec 2022

Smirnova/Siianytsia regaining momentum after injuries, illness Dec 2022

Digerness/Sadusky get injury waiver to compete at U.S. Nationals 12/31/22

Chernyshova/Windsor announce end of partnership in Instagram Story on 12/31/22

Kemp/Elizarov (CAN) withdraw from JGP Final following Kemp ankle injury Nov 2022

Dr. Filipp Shvetsky has worked with Russian figure skating team since 2010 Nov 2022

Chan/Howe fight through injuries this season Nov 2022

Alisa Efimova started skating because of her mom, who is also her former coach Nov 2022

Greta Crafoord is back skating after horrific injury (breaking her kneecap/jaw) Nov 2022

Karina Safina discusses her career in pairs skating and weight issues Nov 2022

McBeath/Bartholomay are partners both on and off the ice Nov 2022

Coach Josee Picard resigns as provincial coaches representative at Patinage Quebec Nov 2022

Stellato-Dudek/Deschamps talk about training methods Nov 2022

Valesi/Piazza: Meet new Italian team Nov 2022

Deanna Stellato-Dudek returns to skating after many years away Nov 2022

Julianne Seguin writes book about concussions, toxic relationship w/coach Nov 2022

Karina Safina (GEO): I consumed no more than 300 calories per day Nov 2022

Stellato-Dudek/Deschamps video interview Oct 2022 (video)

McIntosh/Mimar: “We see ourselves as one of the best teams in Canada” Oct 2022

Knierim/Frazier’s World title inspires them to continue skating Oct 2022

Bridget Namiotka, former partner of John Coughlin, who alleged that he sexually abused her, dies at 32 Oct 2022

Schmitz/Taylor of Canada excited to win JGP bronze Sept 2022

Canadian junior team Kemp/Elizarov surprise themselves with JGP medal Sept 2022 (email required to read)

Baram/Tioumentsev prepare for JGP debut Sept 2022

New ISU President Jae Youl Kim brings focus on growth Sept 2022

Plazas/Fernandez: An unusual back story Sept 2022

Stellato-Dudek/Deschamps to play big role in Canadian pairs this season Aug 2022