2021-22 Pairs Press Links

Audrey Lu set to begin college at UCLA (and doesn’t rule out a return to pairs in future) Aug 2022

Canada withdraws request for Natalia Zabiiako to represent new country July 2022

A roundup of current Russian pairs news on Twitter July 2022

Former Czech pairs skater Karel Vosatka was the creator of the short program in figure skating July 2022

James/Radford retire from competitive skating after one-year partnership & World bronze July 2022

Hase/Seegert end partnership; Hase will seek new partner, Seegert uncertain June 2022

Eric Radford elected to ISU Council as Athletes Commission Representative June 2022

Evgenia Tarasova marries Fedor Klimov June 2022

Trankov: Russian pairs will dominate again on their return to international competition June 2022

Cain/LeDuc announce retirement June 2022

Moore-Towers/Marinaro of Canada announce their retirement June 2022

Alisa Efimova discusses her new partnership & switch to Germany May 2022

Safina/Berulava look back on very successful debut season May 2022

Zabiiako: “if you understand that you need to change a partner, coach or country, act. You can only please everyone around by hurting yourself” Jan 2022 (translated May 2022)

Zabijako’s former coach Vladimir Zhovnirsky comments on her switch to Canada May 2022

Natalia Zabijako will team up with Zach Daleman and represent Canada May 2022

Wenjing Sui is writing autobiography May 2022

Knierim/Frazier: “Our chapter means more than titles & medals” May 2022

Kate Finster announces retirement from competitive skating May 2002

SafeSport suspends Peter Oppegard for “physical & emotional” misconduct May 2022

Mishina excited to sit near Putin at event April 2022

Nicole Della Monica of Italy announces her retirement April 2022

Lu/Mitrofanov end their partnership April 2022

Brian Johnson announces his retirement from competitive skating April 2022

Calalang/Johnson announce end of partnership April 2022

Mishina/Galliamov talk about their Beijing Olympic experience April 2022

Bruno Marcotte: “Miura/Kihara are very special” March 2022

Moore-Towers talks about mental health struggles this season March 2022

Sui/Han: “Unparalleled happiness” at winning Olympic gold; may compete in 2026 Games March 2022 (Chinese)

Pfund/Santillan announce retirement (March 2022)

Tarasova/Morozov look back on their season (in-depth) March 2022 (Translation from Russian; look in comments as well as main post)

James/Radford look forward to competing at Worlds March 2022

Hase/Seegert talk about their Olympic experience March 2022 (German)

Antonio Souza-Kordyeru announces retirement Feb 2002

Marco Zandron country change to Spain approved by IOC Feb 2022

Nolan Seegert tests positive for covid-19 in Beijing Feb 2022 (German)

ISU President Jan Dijkema to step down in 2022 Jan 2022

Jelizaveta Zukova (Elizaveta Zhuk): I missed 3 seasons of skating before teaming with Bidar Jan 2022

Miura/Kihara plan to continue skating after this season Jan 2002

Cain-Gribble/LeDuc: Creating the space to be different Jan 2022

Justine Brasseur of Canada announces retirement Jan 2022

Timothy LeDuc will be first nonbinary Winter Olympian Jan 2022

Mishina/Galliamov: “We have a fighting character” Jan 2022

Moskvina says Mishina/Galliamov and Boikova/Kozlovskii train separately Jan 2022 (translation from Russian)

Safina/Berulava come back from injury to compete at Euros Jan 2022

McBeath/Bartholomay on new partnership Jan 2022

U.S. Junior Nationals Pairs, day 2 (long program) Jan 2022

U.S. Junior Nationals Pairs, day 1 (short program) Jan 2022

Hase/Seegert excited to achieve their goal of making the Olympics Jan 2022 (German)

Calalang/Johnson look for bright end to challenging season Jan 2022

James/Radford may continue competing for another season after Olympics Jan 2022

Orthodox Jewish teen Hailey Kops to compete at Olympics with Evgeni Krasnopolski Dec 2021

Mishina/Galliamov: “We wanted to prove the Worlds victory was not accidental” Dec 2021 (Russian)

Baram/Tioumentsev gel in first season together Dec 2021

Moore-Towers details struggle with eating disorder Dec 2021

Lu/Mitrofanov: “We’re total opposites” Dec 2021

Daria Pavliuchenko: “I’m very emotional. Maybe I’m not like that on ice, but in real life” Dec 2021

Denis Khodykin: “I only want to skate until I am 26, or 28 maximum” Dec 2021 (Russian)

Duhamel: “My favorite pair right now is Mishina/Galliamov” Dec 2021 (Russian)

Efimova/Blommaert make debut at German Nationals; Efimova still awaiting release from Russia Dec 2021 (Russian)

Castelli/Shnapir reunite for a cause Dec 2021

Calalang/Johnson talk about their experience handling drug violation Nov 2021

Russian junior pairs skater Diana Mukhametzyanova talks about her career so far Nov 2021

In 2020, Mitch Moyer of USFS reported Dalilah Sappenfield to SafeSport for hosting a 16-year-old female Russian pairs skater in her home against regulations Nov 2021

Della Monica/Guarise: “This will be our last season” Nov 2021 (Russian)

Meagan Duhamel handicaps pairs field Oct 2021 (Russian)

James’s comments about Cipres case Oct 2021

Vanessa James denies knowledge of former partner Cipres’s actions in SafeSport case Oct 2021

Calalang proves her innocence in doping case Oct 2021 (Russian)

Calalang cleared by USADA and WADA Oct 2021

Jessica Calalang cleared of drug violation Oct 2021

Tarah Kayne details abuse allegations against Dalilah Sappenfield Oct 2021

Lu/Mitrofanov: Rising stars in U.S. pairs skating Oct 2021

Liu/O’Shea talk about their new partnership Oct 2021

Walsh/Michaud: “We feel we’re in a position to earn that Olympic spot” Oct 2021

Boikova/Kozlovskii: “We have always liked the classics” Sept 2021

Mishina/Galliamov: “We know that staying at the top is much harder than conquering it” Sept 2021

Smirnova/Siianytsia credit coach Trudy Oltmanns for their success so far Sept 2021

Barquero/Zandron excited to qualify spot for the Olympics Sept 2021

Trankov: It was Daniil Gleikhengauz’s idea to change T/M’s short program Sept 2021

Tarasova/Morozov change short program music Sept 2021

Alexander Korovin teams up with Isabella Gamez to compete for the Philippines August 2021

Vadim Naumov: Tarasova/Morozov “are in full readiness” for season August 2021

Knierim/Frazier prepare for Olympic season August 2021

Mishina/Galliamov: “We want our programs to be faster and fly more” August 2021

Della Monica/Guarise say that 2022 Olympic season will probably be their last June 2021

Drew Meekins: “Pairs skating is ready for a re-brand” June 2021

Minchuk: “Olympic programs should be choreographed to the established style of the skaters” June 2021

Pavliuchenko/Khodykin to use “Black Swan” for new free skate May 2021

Duhamel will skate with Moscovitch in Stars on Ice May 2021

Tarasova/Morozov discuss disappointment at Worlds, switch to Tutberidze May 2021 (translation of video interview in Russian)

James/Radford: The Muddy Waters of a Comeback May 2021

Vanessa James, Eric Radford team up to compete for Canada May 2021

Savchenko/Massot will not return to competition May 2021

Felicia Zhang pursues master’s degree in biomedical science May 2021

Jessica Dube suffered from bulimia during skating career May 2021

Julianne Seguin lives with severe concussion side effects May 2021

Kozlovskii: “Competition inside Russia is growing every year” April 2021

Mishina: “I trust Galliamov completely” May 2021