2017-18 Pairs Press Links

Here’s a general list of pairs skating press articles, audio podcasts, and video interviews for the 2017-18 season. I’ll try to keep this list somewhat updated as the season goes on!

Reigning Junior World pairs champions Pavliuchenko/Khodykin will move up to seniors next season   May 2018

Denney/Frazier announce return to former coach John Zimmerman   May 2018

Savchenko discusses her decision to coach Knierims and her possible return to competition with Massot   May 2018

Savchenko/Massot update:  Massot will move to Switzerland, Savchenko to coach Knierims   May 2018

Tarasova/Morozov need to learn how to be champions, says Trankov   May 2018

Trankov says Szolkowy will continue as technical coach for Tarasova/Morozov; Trankov will manage programs/choreography  May 2018

Maxim Trankov to become head coach for Tarasova/Morozov   May 2018

Knierims announce that they will be coached next season by Aljona Savchenko & her coaching team  May 2018

Kolodziej/Deschamps end partnership   May 2018

Meagan Duhamel writes about her retirement from figure skating & future plans  May 2018

Alexandrovskaya/Windsor will get 2 new programs next season   April 2018

Connors/Krasnopolski appear to end partnership; Krasnopolski on IcePartnerSearch   April 2018

Duskova/Bidar end partnership   April 2018

Duhamel/Radford officially retire from competitive skating   April 2018

Savchenko/Massot will not compete in 2018-19; will instead tour with Holiday on Ice   April 2018

Julianne Seguin suffered 3 concussions in 2017   (French)  April 2018

Natalia Zabijako in-depth interview–covers her entire career & injuries  April 2018

Jessica Calalang and Brian Johnson of the U.S. announce new partnership   April 2018

Della Monica/Guarise plan to continue to 2022 Olympics  April 2018  (Italian)

Natalia Zabijako reflects on Zabijako/Enbert’s Olympic experience  April 2018

Natalia Zabijako discusses Mozer hiatus, rules changes   April 2018

ISU Vice President Alexander Lakernik on new rules changes, Savchenko/Massot free skate, and why quad throws are more dangerous than quad twists or single quad jumps (Russian)   March 2018

James/Cipres will compete at least 1 more year, want to become World champions   March 2018

James/Cipres thrilled with first World medal   March 2018

Xiaoyu Yu injured foot 1 week before Worlds   March 2018

Second act for Deanna Stellato   March 2018

Nina Mozer to take 6-month break from coaching; discusses her teams’ results at Olympics, Worlds   March 2018

Interview with Alexander Koenig, coach of Savchenko/Massot   March 2018

Massot comments on why Savchenko/Massot chose to represent Germany rather than France  March 2018

Coach Nina Mozer will miss Worlds due to surgery   March 2018

Alexandrovskaya/Windsor prepare for 2018 Worlds   March 2018

Anton Sikharulidze reflects on his skating career   March 2018

Eric Radford on post-Olympic plans:  I want to compose music for films/TV shows and win an Oscar  March 2018

Pavliuchenko:  Eteri Tutberidze advised that I switch to pairs  March 2018  (Russian)

Pavliuchenko/Khodykin lead Russian sweep in pairs event at Junior Worlds   March 2018

Sui/Han out of Worlds due to Sui stress fracture   March 2018

Alexandrovskaya/Windsor enjoyed 1st Olympics;  look forward to more   Feb 2018

Boudreau-Audet announces that he will no longer skate for Japan   Mar 2018

Savchenko:  “I don’t even think about losing. Never did”   Feb 2018

Ryom/Kim & other North Koreans at Olympics restricted in their interactions with others   Feb 2018

VIDEO:  Knierims say they want to have kids, but are not done yet with skating    Feb 2018

Knierims skate with heavy hearts in Olympic LP, thinking of Florida tragedy   Feb 2018

Savchenko/Massot:  A flawless performance in pairs skating at the Olympics   Feb 2018

Tarasova/Morozov discuss disappointing performance at Olympics   Feb 2018

Triple twist: A key element in pairs programs   Feb 2018

Dance-infused pairs programs becoming the norm   Feb 2018

A look back:  2016 Savchenko interview (after Savchenko/Massot won first world medal)   Feb 2018

Duhamel/Radford confirm retirement   Feb 2018

Duhamel/Radford announce retirement from competition: “We saved the best for last”   Feb 2018

Savchenko: “We will write history today”   Feb 2018

Olympic dream comes true for Duhamel/Radford as they win bronze   Feb 2018

Chris Knierim honors father’s service during Olympic medal ceremony   Feb 2018

Ryom/Kim just want to be treated as athletes   Feb 2018

James/Cipres:  A pairs Cinderella story   Feb 2018

Nina Mozer says Stolbova/Klimov will end their career after 2018 Worlds in Milan   Feb 2018,  BUT:  Fedor Klimov says he has not decided to retire  Feb 2018

Profile of Savchenko/Massot’s coach Alexander Koenig   Feb 2018

VIDEO:  Interview with Sui/Han (English subtitles)  Feb 2018

AUDIO:  Timothy LeDuc talks about his journey in figure skating   Feb 2018

Tarasova/Morozov feel confident heading into Olympics    Feb 2018

Chris Knierim’s journey from Ramona (San Diego) to the Olympics   Feb 2018

Savchenko/Massot to compete in Olympic team event SP   Feb 2018  (see end of article)

North and South Korean pairs share practice ice in Pyeongchang   Feb 2018

Sui/Han hope their Turandot LP will bring them Olympic gold    Feb 2018

Knierims have practice accident 1 week before Olympics, leading to stitches for Chris Knierim   Feb 2018

Knierims ready to peak in Pyeongchang   Feb 2018

Ryom/Kim arrive in Pyeongchang, are the first figure skaters on practice ice   Feb 2018

Aliona Savchenko: “I enjoy every second” of competition   Feb 2018

Paige Conners’s family in Ohio is happy about Conners/Krasnopolski going to Olympics    Feb 2018

AUDIO:  Nate Bartholomay on Olympic Fever podcast   Jan 2018

Zabijako/Enbert on their medal at Europeans   Jan 2018

Tarasova/Morozov look ahead to the Olympics  Jan 2018

1992 Olympic champion Natalia Mishkutionok looks back at her skating career, discusses current work as coach   Jan 2018  (originally published Oct 2017, posted online Jan 2018)

Connors/Krasnopolski among 11 skaters headed to Olympics from Ice House rink in NJ   Jan 2018

Nina Mozer criticizes IOC decision to bar Stolbova from Olympics   Jan 2018

Eric Radford on his journey to be a 2-time Olympian and his decision to come out as gay  Jan 2018

John Zimmerman, 2002 Olympian in pairs, now headed to first Olympics as coach   Jan 2018

IOC confirms that Ryom/Kim will participate in Pyeongchang Olympics  Jan 2018

Tarasova/Morozov claim second European title   Jan 2018

Savchenko/Massot said to skip Europeans due to Massot’s painful back problems  Jan 2018

Meagan Duhamel on Duhamel/Radford’s decision to return to Hometown Glory LP  Jan 2018

Cain/LeDuc profile prior to 2018 U.S. Nationals   Jan 2018

Cain/LeDuc: Out gay figure skater Tim LeDuc is Olympic alternate  Jan 2018

Pfund/Santillan reflect on U.S. Nationals and their season overall   Jan 2018

James/Cipres aim to medal at the Olympics   Jan 2018

April Meservy, singer of Duhamel/Radford’s SP music, attends Canadian Nationals  Jan 2018

Ilyushechkina/Moscovitch in their final season together   Jan 2018

Castelli loses skates, costumes in car burglary after U.S. Nationals   Jan 2018

Ryom/Kim may compete at Olympics  Jan 2018

American pairs teams reflect on state of U.S. pairs skating    Jan 2018

Knierims win U.S. championships, get nominated to U.S. Olympic team   Jan 2018

Knierims lead pairs field following short program at U.S. Nationals   Jan 2018

Cain/LeDuc discuss their partnership   Jan 2018

Knierims on preparations for Olympic season   Dec 2017

Tarah Kayne:  A Day in the Life   Dec 2017

Danny O’Shea:  A Day in the Life   Dec 2017

Timothy LeDuc:  A Day in the Life  Dec 2017

Ashley Cain:  A Day in the Life   Dec 2017

Knierims:  A Day in the Life   Dec 2017

Haven Denney:  A Day in the Life   Dec 2017

Kayne/O’Shea, Pfund/Santillan, and Stellato/Bartholomay train for U.S. Nationals   Dec 2017

Hom/Jerosch (U.S. novice pair) prepare for U.S. Nationals   Dec 2017

Natasha Mishkutionok, daughter of Olympic gold medalist Natalia Mishkutionok, to compete in pairs at U.S. Nationals    December 2017

Savchenko/Massot reflect on Grand Prix Final victory: “It was a magical moment”  December 2017

Stellato/Bartholomay discuss start of their partnership   December 2017

James/Cipres prepare for French Nationals  December 2017

U.S. judge Tamie Campbell assigned to judge the pairs event at Pyeongchang Olympics  Dec 2017

Savchenko/Massot return to “That Man” SP for Grand Prix Final; may use it at Olympics as well (in German)   Dec 2017

Alexandrovskaya/Windsor prepare for Junior Grand Prix Final   Dec 2017

Meagan Duhamel’s blog post about Duhamel/Radford’s Skate America performances   Dec 2017

Volosozhar/Trankov describe daughter’s birth and new career as professional skaters  (in Russian)   Nov 2017

Alexandrovskaya/Windsor win Tallinn Trophy   Nov 2017

Denney/Frazier try new training methods   Nov 2017

Savchenko/Massot win Skate America  Nov 2017

Savchenko/Massot: Dealing with back injury to Massot (in German)  Nov 2017

Savchenko/Massot on evolution of partnership, new programs   Nov 2017

Massot passes German language test, will get citizenship   Nov 2017

Stolbova/Klimov:  Comments from coach Vladimir Zhovnirsky   Nov 2017

Duhamel/Radford want to win Skate America   Nov 2017

James/Cipres:  “We are a powerful team”   Nov 2017

Tarasova/Morozov win gold in Grenoble   Nov 2017

Tarasova/Morozov lead after short program at French GP    Nov 2017

Sui/Han on their performance at NHK Trophy   Nov 2017

Knierims see last year’s health issues as “blessing in disguise”   Nov 2017

Alexandrovskaya/Windsor are off-ice partners    Nov 2017

Marchei/Hotarek’s coach Franca Bianconi talks about the team’s development    Nov 2017

Cain/LeDuc profile; LeDuc discusses being out in figure skating    Nov 2017

Sui/Han discuss their Turandot LP and their approach to Olympic season  Nov 2017

Russian pairs at Rostelecom Cup discuss new programs   Oct 2017

Lubov Iliushechkina interview with #JacksonFamily   Oct 2017

Iliushechkina/Moscovitch discuss Finlandia, training for Skate Canada   Oct 2017

Duhamel/Radford on preparations for Skate Canada  Oct 2017

Stolbova/Klimov comment on Finlandia performance  Oct 2017

Alexandrovskaya/Windsor on their performance at Nebelhorn    Oct 2017  (Note:  This article is in Russian; use Google translate tool to read in English)

Pfund/Santillan comment on Ondrej Nepela, their progress so far this season   Oct 2017

Tarasova/Morozov happy with new LP  Oct 2017

VIDEO:  James/Cipres interview at Autumn Classic  Oct 2017

Ryom/Kim at Nebelhorn: A reporter’s view  Sept 2017

Ryom/Kim qualify for Olympics; but unclear if they will actually compete in Pyeongchang   Sept 2017

VIDEO:  Knierims:  23 Questions  Sept 2017

Ryom/Kim aim to represent North Korea at Olympics  Sept 2017

Duhamel/Radford struggle with Autumn Classic long program  Sept 2017

Duhamel/Radford pleased with Autumn Classic short program  Sept. 2017

Iliushechkina/Moscovitch look forward to Olympic season  Sept. 2017

VIDEO:  Bruno Marcotte discusses Duhamel/Radford coaching change   September 2017

Digerness/Neudecker on first senior season, U.S. summer pairs camp w/Mozer   Sept 2017

U.S. pairs reflect on U.S. Classic performances, look ahead to rest of season  September 2017

Moore-Towers/Marinaro notch first international win at U.S. Classic   September 2017

Knierims battle to take 3rd in pairs short at SLC   September 2017

Moore-Towers/Marinaro hoist pairs gold in SLC   September 2017

VIDEO:  Iliushechkina/Moscovitch talk about plans for new season; say this year will be their last    September 2017

Alexandrovskaya/Windsor discuss new programs and difference between junior/senior levels    September 2017

Stolbova/Klimov:  Carmen is the best choice for our pair    September 2017

Tarasova/Morozov reflect on last season; discuss plans for Olympic season   August 2017

Deputat retires from competitive skating to become technical specialist/judge  August 2017

Klimov discusses development of LP this season   August 2017

Duskova/Bidar update:  New LP, minor bicycle injury to Bidar  August 2017

VIDEO:  Knierims discuss plans for new season  August 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WepC75wTgAE

VIDEO:  Dalilah Sappenfield interview  August 2017: http://www.goldenskate.com/2017/08/dalilah-sappenfield/

Poluyanova/Sopot debut new programs; Borisova retired?   August 2017

Stellato/Bartholomay discuss throw quad Salchow  August 2017: http://web.icenetwork.com/news/2017/08/09/247349704

James/Cipres on preparations for Olympic season  August 2017: http://www.isu.org/en/single-and-pair-skating-and-ice-dance/news/2017/08/featured-interview-vanessa-james-morgan-cipres-fra

Lori Nichol comments on Chinese pairs  August 2017:  http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2017-08/04/c_136499198.htm

Deardorff/Settlage start new partnership July 2017:  http://www.twofortheice.com/deardorff-settlage-begin-basics/

Denney/Frazier on Worlds disappointment, plans for next season July 2017: http://figureskatersonline.com/news/2017/07/26/u-s-champions-haven-denney-and-brandon-frazier-we-want-to-show-everyone-that-we-still-have-a-lot-to-give/

Stellato/Bartholomay show new elements, enter second season together July 2017:  http://www.twofortheice.com/reality-surpassing-story-stellato-bartholomay/

Kayne/O’Shea share details of Kayne’s knee surgery/recovery  July 2017:  http://web.icenetwork.com/news/2017/07/31/245524646

Duhamel on preparations for Olympic season June 2017:  http://www.excellesports.com/news/figure-skating-meagan-duhamel-diet/

Castelli/Tran discuss challenges of 2016-17 season; plans for 2017-18, June 2017:  http://figureskatersonline.com/news/2017/06/07/marissa-castelli-mervin-tran-were-skating-for-us/

James/Cipres train for Olympics in Florida June 2017:  http://www.fox13news.com/sports/262986350-story

Volosozhar/Trankov: Getting back into skating after baby June 2017:  http://fs-gossips.com/tatiana-volosozhar-and-maxim-trankov-were-still-together-24-hours-a-day/

Boikova/Kozlovskii look to do some senior competitions June 2017:  http://www.goldenskate.com/2017/06/boikova-and-kozlovskii/

Cain/LeDuc prepare for new season June 2017:  https://www.ifsmagazine.com/cain-leduc-full-steam-ahead/

Cain/LeDuc announce new programs May 2017:  http://figureskatersonline.com/news/2017/05/15/ashley-cain-and-timothy-leduc-we-want-to-step-up-our-game-in-every-way-possible/

Borisova (Ekaterina) interview (announces, but does not name, new partner) May 2017:  https://babysport74.ru/ekaterina-borisova-figurnoe-katanie.html

Alexandrovskaya/Windsor background (in-depth) May 2017:  http://www.sbs.com.au/news/feature/breaking-ice

Nina Mozer on preparations for Olympic season May 2017:  http://fs-gossips.com/nina-mozer-the-one-who-wakes-up-will-win-this-olympics/ (translation)

James/Cipres discuss Olympic season, say 2018 will be their last Olympics May 2017:  http://bit.ly/2qpRsDJ

AUDIO: Link to IceNetwork’s Ice Talk podcasts (scroll down to see / click on interviews; there are quite a few interviews with pairs skaters/coaches):  http://web.icenetwork.com/fans/icetalk