2017-18 Pairs Press Links

Here’s a general list of pairs skating press articles, audio podcasts, and video interviews for the 2017-18 season. I’ll try to keep this list somewhat updated as the season goes on!

James/Cipres prepare for French Nationals  December 2017

U.S. judge Tamie Campbell assigned to judge the pairs event at Pyeongchang Olympics  Dec 2017

Savchenko/Massot return to “That Man” SP for Grand Prix Final; may use it at Olympics as well (in German)   Dec 2017

Alexandrovskaya/Windsor prepare for Junior Grand Prix Final   Dec 2017

Meagan Duhamel’s blog post about Duhamel/Radford’s Skate America performances   Dec 2017

Volosozhar/Trankov describe daughter’s birth and new career as professional skaters  (in Russian)   Nov 2017

Alexandrovskaya/Windsor win Tallinn Trophy   Nov 2017

Denney/Frazier try new training methods   Nov 2017

Savchenko/Massot win Skate America  Nov 2017

Savchenko/Massot: Dealing with back injury to Massot (in German)  Nov 2017

Savchenko/Massot on evolution of partnership, new programs   Nov 2017

Massot passes German language test, will get citizenship   Nov 2017

Stolbova/Klimov:  Comments from coach Vladimir Zhovnirsky   Nov 2017

Duhamel/Radford want to win Skate America   Nov 2017

James/Cipres:  “We are a powerful team”   Nov 2017

Tarasova/Morozov win gold in Grenoble   Nov 2017

Tarasova/Morozov lead after short program at French GP    Nov 2017

Sui/Han on their performance at NHK Trophy   Nov 2017

Knierims see last year’s health issues as “blessing in disguise”   Nov 2017

Alexandrovskaya/Windsor are off-ice partners    Nov 2017

Marchei/Hotarek’s coach Franca Bianconi talks about the team’s development    Nov 2017

Cain/LeDuc profile; LeDuc discusses being out in figure skating    Nov 2017

Sui/Han discuss their Turandot LP and their approach to Olympic season  Nov 2017

Russian pairs at Rostelecom Cup discuss new programs   Oct 2017

Lubov Iliushechkina interview with #JacksonFamily   Oct 2017

Iliushechkina/Moscovitch discuss Finlandia, training for Skate Canada   Oct 2017

Duhamel/Radford on preparations for Skate Canada  Oct 2017

Stolbova/Klimov comment on Finlandia performance  Oct 2017

Alexandrovskaya/Windsor on their performance at Nebelhorn    Oct 2017  (Note:  This article is in Russian; use Google translate tool to read in English)

Pfund/Santillan comment on Ondrej Nepela, their progress so far this season   Oct 2017

Tarasova/Morozov happy with new LP  Oct 2017

VIDEO:  James/Cipres interview at Autumn Classic  Oct 2017

Ryom/Kim at Nebelhorn: A reporter’s view  Sept 2017

Ryom/Kim qualify for Olympics; but unclear if they will actually compete in Pyeongchang   Sept 2017

VIDEO:  Knierims:  23 Questions  Sept 2017

Ryom/Kim aim to represent North Korea at Olympics  Sept 2017

Duhamel/Radford struggle with Autumn Classic long program  Sept 2017

Duhamel/Radford pleased with Autumn Classic short program  Sept. 2017

Iliushechkina/Moscovitch look forward to Olympic season  Sept. 2017

VIDEO:  Bruno Marcotte discusses Duhamel/Radford coaching change   September 2017

Digerness/Neudecker on first senior season, U.S. summer pairs camp w/Mozer   Sept 2017

U.S. pairs reflect on U.S. Classic performances, look ahead to rest of season  September 2017

Moore-Towers/Marinaro notch first international win at U.S. Classic   September 2017

Knierims battle to take 3rd in pairs short at SLC   September 2017

Moore-Towers/Marinaro hoist pairs gold in SLC   September 2017

VIDEO:  Iliushechkina/Moscovitch talk about plans for new season; say this year will be their last    September 2017

Alexandrovskaya/Windsor discuss new programs and difference between junior/senior levels    September 2017

Stolbova/Klimov:  Carmen is the best choice for our pair    September 2017

Tarasova/Morozov reflect on last season; discuss plans for Olympic season   August 2017

Deputat retires from competitive skating to become technical specialist/judge  August 2017

Klimov discusses development of LP this season   August 2017

Duskova/Bidar update:  New LP, minor bicycle injury to Bidar  August 2017

VIDEO:  Knierims discuss plans for new season  August 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WepC75wTgAE

VIDEO:  Dalilah Sappenfield interview  August 2017: http://www.goldenskate.com/2017/08/dalilah-sappenfield/

Poluyanova/Sopot debut new programs; Borisova retired?   August 2017

Stellato/Bartholomay discuss throw quad Salchow  August 2017: http://web.icenetwork.com/news/2017/08/09/247349704

James/Cipres on preparations for Olympic season  August 2017: http://www.isu.org/en/single-and-pair-skating-and-ice-dance/news/2017/08/featured-interview-vanessa-james-morgan-cipres-fra

Lori Nichol comments on Chinese pairs  August 2017:  http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2017-08/04/c_136499198.htm

Deardorff/Settlage start new partnership July 2017:  http://www.twofortheice.com/deardorff-settlage-begin-basics/

Denney/Frazier on Worlds disappointment, plans for next season July 2017: http://figureskatersonline.com/news/2017/07/26/u-s-champions-haven-denney-and-brandon-frazier-we-want-to-show-everyone-that-we-still-have-a-lot-to-give/

Stellato/Bartholomay show new elements, enter second season together July 2017:  http://www.twofortheice.com/reality-surpassing-story-stellato-bartholomay/

Kayne/O’Shea share details of Kayne’s knee surgery/recovery  July 2017:  http://web.icenetwork.com/news/2017/07/31/245524646

Duhamel on preparations for Olympic season June 2017:  http://www.excellesports.com/news/figure-skating-meagan-duhamel-diet/

Castelli/Tran discuss challenges of 2016-17 season; plans for 2017-18, June 2017:  http://figureskatersonline.com/news/2017/06/07/marissa-castelli-mervin-tran-were-skating-for-us/

James/Cipres train for Olympics in Florida June 2017:  http://www.fox13news.com/sports/262986350-story

Volosozhar/Trankov: Getting back into skating after baby June 2017:  http://fs-gossips.com/tatiana-volosozhar-and-maxim-trankov-were-still-together-24-hours-a-day/

Boikova/Kozlovskii look to do some senior competitions June 2017:  http://www.goldenskate.com/2017/06/boikova-and-kozlovskii/

Cain/LeDuc prepare for new season June 2017:  https://www.ifsmagazine.com/cain-leduc-full-steam-ahead/

Cain/LeDuc announce new programs May 2017:  http://figureskatersonline.com/news/2017/05/15/ashley-cain-and-timothy-leduc-we-want-to-step-up-our-game-in-every-way-possible/

Borisova (Ekaterina) interview (announces, but does not name, new partner) May 2017:  https://babysport74.ru/ekaterina-borisova-figurnoe-katanie.html

Alexandrovskaya/Windsor background (in-depth) May 2017:  http://www.sbs.com.au/news/feature/breaking-ice

Nina Mozer on preparations for Olympic season May 2017:  http://fs-gossips.com/nina-mozer-the-one-who-wakes-up-will-win-this-olympics/ (translation)

James/Cipres discuss Olympic season, say 2018 will be their last Olympics May 2017:  http://bit.ly/2qpRsDJ

AUDIO: Link to IceNetwork’s Ice Talk podcasts (scroll down to see / click on interviews; there are quite a few interviews with pairs skaters/coaches):  http://web.icenetwork.com/fans/icetalk