2019-20 Pairs Press Links


Zabijako/Enbert discuss theme of new short program   June 2019

Fedor Klimov appointed to ISU Technical Committee for Singles & Pair Skating    June 2019  (Russian)

Eric Radford elected to ISU Athletes Commission   Spring 2019

Kostiukovich/Ialin aim to win Junior Worlds this season   June 2019

Tarasova/Morozov move to Florida to work with Zoueva   May 2019

Trennt Michaud talks about how he grew up skating   May 2019

James/Cipres may skip Grand Prix or do later events in Grand Prix    May 2019

Vanessa James to appear on Canada’s Battle of the Blades show in fall 2019   May 2019

Mishina/Galliamov prepare for first senior season   May 2019

Zabijako/Enbert may re-use last season’s free skate   May 2019

Bridget Namiotka, former partner of John Coughlin, states that Coughlin sexually abused her    May 2019

Ilyushechkina/Bilodeau to make competitive debut at Quebec Summer Championships   May 2019

Knierims talk about new training rink in Orange County, CA     May 2019

Serafini/Tran relocate from Montreal to Monsey, NY    May 2019

James/Cipres will not work with Cizeron on choreography for 2019-20 season     May 2019

ISU sponsors pairs development camp in Russia   May 2019

Charlie White discusses his choreography work with pairs   May 2019

Boikova/Kozlovskii hope to add more difficult side-by-side jumps    May 2019

Meagan Duhamel & Bruno Marcotte to start new pairs group in Oakville, ON    April 2019

Tarasova/Morozov’s main training base will be Zoueva’s rink in Estero, FL   April 2019  (Russian)

Nina Mozer & Marina Zoueva named as Tarasova/Morozov’s coaches next season    April 2019  (Russian)

Meagan Duhamel announces pregnancy     April 2019

Aljona Savchenko announces pregnancy     April 2019

Tarasova/Morozov’s new coach will be decided by end of April    April 2019