2018-19 Pairs Press Links

Julianne Seguin on her breakup with Bilodeau   Dec 2018  (French)

Fedor Klimov said to be coaching in Nina Moser’s group   Dec 2018  (Russian)

James/Cipres’s long & winding journey to the Grand Prix Final   Dec 2018

Natalia Zabijako enjoys writing poetry, is engaged to director Daniel Grinkin   Dec 2018  (Russian)

Calalang/Johnson discuss how their partnership started    Nov 2018

James/Cipres: “There is always something to work on, it’s never perfect”   Nov 2018

Trankov: It’s hard to find good choreographers for pairs skating   Nov 2018

Stellato/Bartholomay look back to beginning of partnership   Nov 2018

Kayne/O’Shea continue recovery from injuries   Nov 2018

Lu/Mitrofanov talk about their senior debut season   Nov 2018

James/Cipres interview with The Skating Lesson   Nov 2018   VIDEO

Cain/LeDuc interview with Skate Talk Online   Nov 2018   VIDEO

2006 Olympic champion Maxim Marinin talks about his professional skating career in Russia   Nov 2018

Knierims discuss how they switched coaches to Savchenko  Sept 2018   VIDEO

Savchenko/Massot talk about new coaching careers & professional programs  Sept 2018  VIDEO

James/Cipres:  Our goal is to be World champions   Sept 2018   VIDEO

New Russian pair Ustimkina/Volodin will not compete this season  (Russian)  Oct 2018

Szolkowy questions rules changes: “I would say pairs skating is losing”  Oct 2018

Valentina Marchei will tour with Holiday on Ice   Oct 2018

Trankov:  Feedback for Tarasova/Morozov’s Kravitz SP was uncertain, leading to program change   Oct 2018

Moore-Towers/Marinaro: Tough start to their season   Oct 2018

Bruno Massot and fiancee welcome first child   Oct 2018

Knierims start “building year” with Savchenko  Sept 2018

Vasiliev on Efimova/Korovin’s victory at Nebelhorn  (Russian)  Oct 2018

Volosozhar/Trankov talk about current projects, including Trankov’s coaching   Sept 2018

Trankov:  Tarasova/Morozov changed SP music after test skates  (German)   Oct 2018

Meagan Duhamel talks about split with ex-coach Richard Gauthier & discusses her career   Sept 2018

Cizeron puts different spin on James/Cipres’s skating in new short program   Sept 2018

Lu/Mitrofanov move up to seniors after overcoming obstacles last season   Sept 2018

James/Cipres will compete this season, but are undecided about continuing to 2022  Sept 2018

Challenging summer for Moore-Towers/Marinaro as they rebound from injury   Sept 2018

Kayne/O’Shea discuss move to Colorado Springs, new short program  (see middle of article)  Sept 2018

Boikova/Kozlovskii talk about their development and programs  (Russian)  Sept 2018

Deardorff/Settlage get their first international assignment at U.S. Classic   Sept 2018

Coach Oleg Vasiliev discusses his work in Tamara Moskvina’s pairs group in St. Petersburg    Sept 2018

Walsh/Michaud transition to seniors   Sept 2018

Marchei/Hotarek end partnership. Marchei wants to continue competing   Sept 2018

Tarasova/Morozov discuss work with new coach Trankov   Sept 2018

Stolbova talks about Olympic season & end of partnership with Klimov   Sept 2018

Zabijako/Enbert discuss new programs   (Russian)  Sept 2018

Stolbova announces new partnership with Novoselov   (Russian)  Sept 2018

Kayne/O’Shea switch coaches to Dalilah Sappenfield   Sept 2018

Klimov announces retirement from competitive figure skating   Sept 2018

Trankov is not sure he likes being a coach   Sept 2018

Trankov discusses his work with Tarasova/Morozov   Sept 2018

Meagan Duhamel writes about diets in figure skating world   Sept 2018

Stolbova says she is continuing; has no plans to retire after split with Klimov   (Russian)  Aug 31

Official:  Stolbova/Klimov have ended their partnership. “Decision is final,” says Klimov  (Russian)  Aug 31

Astakhova’s decision to retire due partly to financial concerns  (Russian)   Aug 24

Denney/Frazier announce new programs, discuss coaching change   Aug 18

Canadian pairs skaters Brittany Jones/Joshua Reagan have first child in June   Aug 2018

Trankov says that revised IJS scoring system may confuse viewers  (Russian)  Aug 2018

Savchenko:  Interview with The Skating Lesson  Aug 2018

Savchenko still interested in comeback; says current work as coach is “a trial period”  (German)   Aug 2018

Esbrat/Novoselov of France announce end of partnership   July 2018

Tarasova/Morozov commence training with new coach Trankov, add throw triple flip   July 2018

Wenjing Sui returns to training after 4-month break due to foot fracture   July 2018

Seguin/Bilodeau end skating partnership   July 2018

Cain/LeDuc’s goal this year is to win U.S. Nationals   July 2018

Xuehan Wang/Lei Wang not listed on Chinese national team, but get new short program from Misha Ge   July 2018

Yu/Zhang currently off Chinese national team due to Yu’s foot injury   July 2018

Pfund/Santillan retool technical elements with help from Richard Gauthier   July 2018

Duhamel/Radford reflect on their career and favorite moments   July 2018

ISU webinar on new GOE scale for pairs skating   July 2018

Stellato/Bartholomay discuss U.S. pairs camp and plans for new season   June 2018

Alexei Rogonov announces that partner Kristina Astakhova has decided to retire; he hopes to continue with new partner   June 2018

Kostiukovich/Ialin announce new short program; will continue performing quad twist this season   June 2018

Astakhova/Rogonov to take break from eligible competition; will likely be out for 2018-19 season   June 2018

Della Monica/Guarise aim for Olympic medal in next quad   June 2018

Kayne/O’Shea:  Update on injury status, new SP plans   June 2018

Cain/LeDuc find their groove, prepare for new season   June 2018