2018-19 Pairs Press Links

New Russian pair Ustimkina/Volodin will not compete this season  (Russian)  Oct 2018

Szolkowy questions rules changes: “I would say pairs skating is losing”  Oct 2018

Valentina Marchei will tour with Holiday on Ice   Oct 2018

Trankov:  Feedback for Tarasova/Morozov’s Kravitz SP was uncertain, leading to program change   Oct 2018

Moore-Towers/Marinaro: Tough start to their season   Oct 2018

Bruno Massot and fiancee welcome first child   Oct 2018

Knierims start “building year” with Savchenko  Sept 2018

Vasiliev on Efimova/Korovin’s victory at Nebelhorn  (Russian)  Oct 2018

Volosozhar/Trankov talk about current projects, including Trankov’s coaching   Sept 2018

Trankov:  Tarasova/Morozov changed SP music after test skates  (German)   Oct 2018

Meagan Duhamel talks about split with ex-coach Richard Gauthier & discusses her career   Sept 2018

Cizeron puts different spin on James/Cipres’s skating in new short program   Sept 2018

Lu/Mitrofanov move up to seniors after overcoming obstacles last season   Sept 2018

James/Cipres will compete this season, but are undecided about continuing to 2022  Sept 2018

Challenging summer for Moore-Towers/Marinaro as they rebound from injury   Sept 2018

Kayne/O’Shea discuss move to Colorado Springs, new short program  (see middle of article)  Sept 2018

Boikova/Kozlovskii talk about their development and programs  (Russian)  Sept 2018

Deardorff/Settlage get their first international assignment at U.S. Classic   Sept 2018

Coach Oleg Vasiliev discusses his work in Tamara Moskvina’s pairs group in St. Petersburg    Sept 2018

Walsh/Michaud transition to seniors   Sept 2018

Marchei/Hotarek end partnership. Marchei wants to continue competing   Sept 2018

Tarasova/Morozov discuss work with new coach Trankov   Sept 2018

Stolbova talks about Olympic season & end of partnership with Klimov   Sept 2018

Zabijako/Enbert discuss new programs   (Russian)  Sept 2018

Stolbova announces new partnership with Novoselov   (Russian)  Sept 2018

Kayne/O’Shea switch coaches to Dalilah Sappenfield   Sept 2018

Klimov announces retirement from competitive figure skating   Sept 2018

Trankov is not sure he likes being a coach   Sept 2018

Trankov discusses his work with Tarasova/Morozov   Sept 2018

Meagan Duhamel writes about diets in figure skating world   Sept 2018

Stolbova says she is continuing; has no plans to retire after split with Klimov   (Russian)  Aug 31

Official:  Stolbova/Klimov have ended their partnership. “Decision is final,” says Klimov  (Russian)  Aug 31

Astakhova’s decision to retire due partly to financial concerns  (Russian)   Aug 24

Denney/Frazier announce new programs, discuss coaching change   Aug 18

Canadian pairs skaters Brittany Jones/Joshua Reagan have first child in June   Aug 2018

Trankov says that revised IJS scoring system may confuse viewers  (Russian)  Aug 2018

Savchenko:  Interview with The Skating Lesson  Aug 2018

Savchenko still interested in comeback; says current work as coach is “a trial period”  (German)   Aug 2018

Esbrat/Novoselov of France announce end of partnership   July 2018

Tarasova/Morozov commence training with new coach Trankov, add throw triple flip   July 2018

Wenjing Sui returns to training after 4-month break due to foot fracture   July 2018

Seguin/Bilodeau end skating partnership   July 2018

Cain/LeDuc’s goal this year is to win U.S. Nationals   July 2018

Xuehan Wang/Lei Wang not listed on Chinese national team, but get new short program from Misha Ge   July 2018

Yu/Zhang currently off Chinese national team due to Yu’s foot injury   July 2018

Pfund/Santillan retool technical elements with help from Richard Gauthier   July 2018

Duhamel/Radford reflect on their career and favorite moments   July 2018

ISU webinar on new GOE scale for pairs skating   July 2018

Stellato/Bartholomay discuss U.S. pairs camp and plans for new season   June 2018

Alexei Rogonov announces that partner Kristina Astakhova has decided to retire; he hopes to continue with new partner   June 2018

Kostiukovich/Ialin announce new short program; will continue performing quad twist this season   June 2018

Astakhova/Rogonov to take break from eligible competition; will likely be out for 2018-19 season   June 2018

Della Monica/Guarise aim for Olympic medal in next quad   June 2018

Kayne/O’Shea:  Update on injury status, new SP plans   June 2018

Cain/LeDuc find their groove, prepare for new season   June 2018