2020-21 Pairs Press Links

Pfund/Santillan wish to change countries and compete for Switzerland; USFS declined a release for this season Oct 2020

Meagan Duhamel talks about competing on Battle of the Blades Oct 2020

Mishina/Galliamov still hope to compete at Rostelecom, despite Galliamov’s covid-19 diagnosis Oct 2020

Kozlovskii tests positive for coronavirus Oct 2020

Paige Conners looks back at her Olympic experience: “It was literally insane” Oct 2020

Boikova/Kolovskii: Fast track to the top Oct 2020

Calalang/Johnson ready for Skate America Oct 2020

Mishina/Galliamov withdraw from Russian Cup event as Galliamov tests positive for covid-19 Oct 2020 (Russian)

Klimov: “Now everything is quite conservative, there are not revolutionaries in the ISU” Oct 2020 (translation from Russian)

Finster/Nagy: “We want to have a strong senior debut” Oct 2020

Pairs coach Richard Gauthier accused of sexual assault Oct 2020 (French)

Kristina Astakhova gives birth to daughter Oct 2020

Kayne/O’Shea leave Dalilah Sappenfield’s group to seek new coach Sept 24, 2020

James/Cipres announce retirement Sept 2020 (French)

Vladimir Morozov tests positive for covid-19; Tarasova/Morozov withdraw from first Russian Cup competition Sept 2020

Lu/Mitrofanov choose Charlie Chaplin theme for new long program Sept 2020

A review of Boikova/Kozlovskii’s transition from juniors to seniors Sept 2020

Evgenia Tarasova: “I started dreaming about pairs at the age of 11” Sept 2020 (translation from Russian)

Valentina Marchei officially announces her retirement (2 years after split with Ondrej Hotarek)    Sept 2020

Cain-Gribble/LeDuc: “We have a really special partnership” Sept 2020 VIDEO

In wake of Alexandrovskaya’s death, ISU considers raising minimum age for senior competition to 17    Aug 2020

The short life and heartbreaking death of Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya: An investigation   Aug 2020

Kostiukovich/Bryukhanov talk about how their partnership started    Aug 2020  (Russian)

Vera Bazarova reflects on her pairs skating career: “Each coach taught me something new”   Aug 2020  (translation from Russian)

Knierim/Frazier enjoying new partnership   Aug 2020

Calalang/Johnson look back fondly on breakthrough season in 2019-20    July 2020

Australian Olympic Committee calls Alexandrovskaya’s death a “terrible blow”   July 2020

Harley Windsor confirms Alexandrovskaya’s apparent epilepsy diagnosis    July 2020 (Russian)

Andrei Hekalo, former coach of Alexandrovskaya, says she ended her career after suffering an epileptic seizure in January    July 2020   (Russian)

Andrei Pashin, former choreographer of Alexandrovskaya, comments on her recent troubles    July 2020  (Russian)

Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya, 2017 Junior World pairs champion, dies at 20     17 July 2020  (Russian)

Tai Babilonia broke barriers as one of first multiracial pairs skaters      July 2020