Ice Chips 2016: Review

All photographs by Marni Gallagher

This year’s annual Ice Chips show in Boston took place on the same weekend I saw Stars on Ice. Pretty fun–2 ice shows in one weekend! These 2 shows are such a contrast to each other. While Stars on Ice features a small cast of famous skaters, Ice Chips has a much larger cast, with skaters of all ages and abilities.

Ice Chips is the annual club show for the Skating Club of Boston (SCOB) and is now in its 104th season! Jason Brown and Mirai Nagasu were the guest stars, and SCOB skaters Jimmy Morgan and Ross Miner served as co-hosts of the show. Continue reading “Ice Chips 2016: Review”

Stars on Ice 2016: Review

Recently I drove up to Portland, Maine, to see the second show of the 2016 U.S. Stars on Ice tour. I enjoyed it a lot!

This year’s Stars on Ice has quite a different tone and feel than the 2015 show. Last year, the theme was “Dancing for Joy,” and the overall mood was warm and inviting, with vibrant lighting and many brightly/softly colored costumes. This year’s theme is “E-motion.” While this show definitely has some emotional moments, overall there’s a rather detached, modern feel to the production (as the title suggests). The palette of this year’s show is defined by cool, stark lighting, with most of the costumes in white, black, or red. And many of the music selections are current dance/pop/electronica songs. The show is very interesting and entertaining, although it didn’t quite excite/uplift me like last year’s SOI. Continue reading “Stars on Ice 2016: Review”

Worlds 2016: Pairs Review

Last year, the pairs event at Worlds was exciting, yet predictable. Duhamel/Radford were expected to win, and they did. The Chinese pairs were expected to dominate beneath them, and they did. This year’s pairs event at Worlds was quite different and not very predictable at all! Duhamel/Radford won again; but this time, their victory was quite unexpected. And there were many other surprises in the event. Not many had expected Savchenko/Massot to win a medal, and surely no one thought that all 3 Russian pairs would finish off the podium (including the reigning Olympic champions!). It was an event full of surprises. Continue reading “Worlds 2016: Pairs Review”