Worlds 2016: Pairs Practice Notes

The pairs practices at Worlds on Monday/Tuesday were, unfortunately, missing quite a few teams. The Canadian and Russian pairs didn’t arrive in Boston until later on Tuesday. But here are some notes from practices so far. Continue reading “Worlds 2016: Pairs Practice Notes”


Worlds 2016: Pairs Preview & Predictions

Only days to go now until the World Championships start in Boston! The pairs event should be be one of the highlights of this year’s Worlds. There are so many storylines this season in pairs; I’m looking forward to seeing how the last chapter plays out!

I don’t really love doing predictions/previews, but at the same time, I know everyone likes to read them! So below are my thoughts on what may happen in Boston. Continue reading “Worlds 2016: Pairs Preview & Predictions”

A Perfect Program: Patrick Chan’s Chopin LP

Skating fans are pretty lucky. Every season, there are many good,  and often great, programs to enjoy. Once in while, a perfect program happens. It’s a rare and special thing: When the right piece of music and the right choreography all come together at a particular moment in a skater’s career. When it happens, the program becomes part of the skater’s success, even part of their public identity sometimes. A perfect program may become iconic; a part of skating history. Continue reading “A Perfect Program: Patrick Chan’s Chopin LP”

Interview with Amy Vecchio: “The most important thing in skating is perseverance” (Part 2)

After Amy Vecchio ended her professional career, she immediately stepped into the new world of coaching. Within weeks, she found herself coaching a promising skater who would eventually go on to skate at senior U.S. Nationals. Over the years, Amy has built a career coaching and choreographing for skaters at every level. She is also involved in skating’s newest discipline, theatre on ice. In addition, Amy has continued her own skating and discovered a new passion for ice dancing.

In the second part of our interview, Amy talks about why she enjoys coaching, what attracts her to theatre on ice, how she fell in love with ice dancing, how the loss of figures has affected the sport, and the current state of singles skating in the U.S. Grab a cup of tea, and get ready for an interesting read! Continue reading “Interview with Amy Vecchio: “The most important thing in skating is perseverance” (Part 2)”

Interview with Amy Vecchio: “It’s extremely important for skaters to work with sports nutritionists” (Part 1)

Amy Vecchio has lived a lifetime in figure skating. She’s been a fixture on the Boston, MA, skating scene for over 40 years. In that time, she’s seen the sport inside and out: as competitor, professional skater, longtime coach, adult ice dancer, skating show director, and theatre-on-ice coach. Amy has competed at New England Regionals; skated as a professional with Disney on Ice; coached skaters at U.S. Regionals, Sectionals, and Nationals; and taken theatre on ice teams to Nations Cup. Amy is also my own skating coach! Recently, Amy sat down with me for a candid discussion about her life’s work in skating and what she’s learned in her years in the sport. Continue reading “Interview with Amy Vecchio: “It’s extremely important for skaters to work with sports nutritionists” (Part 1)”