Worlds 2017: Pairs Predictions

So, it’s time: The World Championships start this week in Helsinki! And, while all World championships are important, this is the big one: The pre-Olympic Worlds. The final Worlds before Pyeongchang. What happens in Helsinki will  help set the stage for the Olympics.

How important is the pre-Olympic Worlds? Well, let’s look back at the last one: 2013 Worlds in London, Ontario. Of the 12 medalists in London, 8 reached the podium in Sochi. Of the 4 gold-medal winners in London, 2 were also gold medalists in Sochi. So yeah … This event is pretty important! Continue reading “Worlds 2017: Pairs Predictions”


Preliminary Moves in the Field

So, I haven’t posted about my adult skating for a while. Guess it’s time for an update. 🙂

The last time I wrote about my skating, I had passed my first USFSA tests: Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field and Pre-Preliminary Freestyle. I took those tests in October 2015. Last month, I started my second round of tests, passing Preliminary Moves in the Field on February 24. Continue reading “Preliminary Moves in the Field”